Friday, June 17, 2011

The FIRST viewing of the classroom!

So, on Wednesday, June 8th, which is coincidentally my best friend Allie's birthday (what a way to celebrate!) I went to!
SO much bigger than I expected! In these pictures, disregard any furniture that you might see. It will be completely different.

this picture shows my THREE BIG WINDOWS! and two corners of the room! In the corner on the left, I plan to build (with help) a big bookshelf for a reading corner, with beanbag chairs, and lots of books! In the corner on the right, I plan to put my desk so that I'll be able to face my students!

this picture shows the front of my classroom! i have a whiteboard. nooo SmartBoard for this girl. WHATSUP EXPO MARKERS. The corner in the left of the picture is where my desk will be, and in the right I will have some sort of shelving unit! The students will either be in rows or small groups facing the board. I plan to put pictures of each and everyone of you on my desk. I will use double-stick tape :)

this is the right side of my room. I have three cabinets, and three little wall shelves. I plan to ditch this color yellow as quickly as possible, and I think I want to paint them bright RED! The theme of my classroom has been decided as America, so that'll blend quite nicely! Underneath the cabinets, there is a narrow and long corkboard. I plan to make that a writing nook, and have a long table lit with rope lights, and studded with rules of writing, and penmanship! SO excited. I love writing. A lot, a lot.

this is the back of my classroom! I will have two square bulliten boards, and a space for two computers! SO glad I'll have technology in the classroom and not have to rely on a computer lab! I can't wait to cover these walls with cute things!

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